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Lotnumber: 321
A top collection of French royal debt under the form of life rentes from as early as 1689until 1787, just before the French Revolution. The subject is covered in great detail in the bi-lingual (English/French) catalogue by Howard Shakespeare : "France, The Royal Loans", 1986 (a copy of which can be purchased from us). The collection we offer here is by far the largest that has ever appeared in any auction ever. It spans the entire period as described in the book, from the very first type (Edit Nov. 1689) until the very last (Edit Nov. 1787). As such, these 84 certificates tell the fascinating story of the public finances during the reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. It was a historically very interesting time, for France but also for Europe/the World as a whole in which France, as 18th century superpower, played a key role.Let’s take for instance the lists of wars that shook the Continent and beyond: the War of the League of Augsburg, the War of the Spanish Succession, the Wars of the Polish and Austrian Successions, the Seven Years War, the War of American Independence and ending with the French Revolution and the abolition of the French Monarchy. The reference numbers in Shakespeare are 891-Q1, 993-C1, 993-C2, 994-Q1 (no contract), 994-P (official registered copy on vellum, this type is not in Shakespeare), 032-Q (not seen by Shak.), 094-Q2, 095-P (unlisted by Shak.), 098-Q, 132-Q2a, 134-Q (no contract), 147-Q2, 201-Q2b (no contract), 201-A2, 202-Q, 203-Q1, 203-Q2, 211-Q1, 211-Q2, 231-Q, 231-P (unlisted by Shak.), 241-Q1 (but Contract+Quittance while Shakespeare says ‘only Quittance’!), 241-Q2, 331-Q (no contract), 331-C1 (but no quittance), 341-C2 (but no quittance), 391-P (rente not seen by Shak., und even more so this official registered copy on vellum), 432-C (no quittance, while Shak. says ‘only quittance’), 512-P (a ‘reconstitution des rentes sur les postes’, unseen by Shak., unlike other registered copies not printed on vellum), 582-A, 591-Q1, 601R-Q2 (no contract), 641, 641/1, 641/2, 641A-P (unlisted registered copy), 641A (no contract), 641-P (registered copy, not reported by Shak.), 641A-P (as previous), 642, 642 (but 1765 corrected to 1766), 642A (but dated 1767 and as such unlisted by Shak.), 643A, 645, 645 (but 1765 corrected to 1766), 647, 647 (but dated 1766 and as such unlisted by Shak.), 647 (but with a Quittance printed as 647A, hand-corrected), R1-647 (meaning ‘reconstitution-type’), 661, 672-C1, 672-C2, 672-C4, 673, 676, R4/2 (‘reconstitution-type’ of a rente from the Edit 20 Jan. 1770), 681A, 701, 702, 703, 704, 713A, 771 (unseen by Shak., consists of Quittance only), 772 (comment as before), 781A (no contract), 791-Q1 (no contract), 791-Q2 (no contract), 811-Q1 (no contract), 811-Q2 (no contract), 811-Q3 (no contract), 812-Q2 (no contract), 821 (no contract, 10% type), 821 (no contract, 9% type), 822 (contract, no quittance, while Shak. says ‘quittance only’), 822 (only quittance, as in Shak.), 831 (quittance only, 9% type), 831 (8% type, C+Q), 831-P (unseen registered copy on vellum), 832, 852B (no contract), 852B (no quittance), 871, 871 (contract, no quittance, while Shak. says ‘quittance only), 872-Q1 (8% type), 872-Q1 (7% type). Furthermore, this collection includes a further 19 official publications of Royal Edicts and similar (Edit du Roi, Arrêt du Conseil d’Etat du Roi,…) regarding these rentes (dated from the 1720s, 1770s and 1780s). Last but not least, there’s a 48-page study on the public finances of France by the ‘Commission des Finances’ of the National Convention, dated 1793. This parliamentary report summarizes the financial state of the country after the disposition of the French King during the Revolution. Needless to say that this collection forms an incredible source of information for the interested scholar and is at the same time a collection which would, in our experience, be impossible to replicate piece by piece.
Themes: BEFORE 1800
Date: 1689-1787
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 7000