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Lotnumber: 224
HAINAUT. TOURNAI. Souscript. d'Oblig. de F500 5%, unissued. black. #800. The Casterman business was established in 1870 in Tournai by Donat Casterman, who was a book-dealer and bookbinder. From 1926 Casterman printed telephone directories. In the tradition of the company, many religious works were published. Later, under thedirection of Louis Casterman, the dynamic publisher grew to become one of the most important in the Belgian comic world, winning international success. Since 1934 Casterman has published the Tintin (in Flemish Kuifje). With the monthly magazine 'Wordt Vervolgd - A Suivre', he laid the basis for the rise of popularity of comics among adults. Louis Casterman died on 15 August 1981. However, still today the publisher produces a variety of comics, and occupies a leading role in the world of comics, both in Belgium and worldwide. The success of the Casterman publishing-house was guaranteed by the comic-strip artist Georges Remi (better-known as Hergé) and his creation Tintin. Tintin travels as a reporter around the whole world from China via Africa to America. The first Tintin strips appeared in the children's journal Le Petit Vingtième; in these Hergé gave the text in balloons, integrated in the drawing. He adopted the procedure from the American comic-strips. Hergé's drawing style developed differently from the American influence, and took on a distinctive Belgian character, with maximum readability, due to its clean, realistic and sober graphics. Hergé has still an enormous influence on the comic-strip world of today. He enjoyedinternational success. His albums are translated and sold all over the world. Even General de Gaulle said that Tintin was his 'only international rival'. Hergé died on 3 March 1983. Extremely rare subscription receipt for a F500 bond, with folds and two punch-holes.
Province: HAINAUT
Date: 1912
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 100