Result list 10 April 2021

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Lotnumber: 193
59 NORD. LILLE. Titre Prov. de F250, Premier & Deuxième Coupon. gold, buff, black. #40. No 4. Folds and some minor edge-damage. Magnificent gold printed certificate consisting of "premier coupon de 500 fr." and "deuxième coupon de 500 fr." and as such making up one complete share of this coal exploration company in the Belgian city of Le Roeulx (northeast of La Louvière and not to be confused with the French village of Roeulx). The company was founded in Lille, thus with French capital, through the issue of 80 such coupons (thus 40 shares) in advance of setting up an exploitation company oncecommercially exploitable coal was discovered. Coal mining in the Roeulx region goes back to at least the year 1299. In that year, the Seigneur du Roeulx gave written permission to the Abbey of Bonne-Espérance to exploit the coal in Houdeng-Goegnies/Roeulx. This centuries old document is today considered the very first proof of mining in the "région du Centre" (=the area between Mons and Charleroi). We don't know when this share was issued, but considering the style and font used,we believe it to be from the early 1840s. Only two of these certificates were discovered (in 2010) and with the other piece being strongly hold by a coalmine collector, this is the only available piece.
Date: 1840s
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 1000