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Lotnumber: 416
BRUXELLES. 3% Obligation de F500. Serie 1. brown, olive, black. # 20000. No 14363. Discoloured borders and small edge-tears, repaired. Fine border with arms of Belgium and its provinces, also a train and winged wheels. Underprint of arms of Belgium. Some discolouration and some tears repaired. Founded in 1859 with a capital of 30 million BEF as a merger of the C.D.F. de Charleroi à Louvain and the C.D.F. de Morialmé à Châtelineau. The company was soon controlled by the Société Générale who provided the necessary capital to expand. In 1860, the railroad connected Louvain to the French border and 4 years later, the "Est Belge" was an important part of the exploitation syndicate "Grand Central Belge" controlled by the Soc. Gén. to form a counterweight to the state railroads. By 1870, the Grand Central Belge connected Rotterdam to Antwerp and Antwerp to Prussia/Germany. They also offered a connection from France to the Netherlands. In 1898, the state nationalized the Est Belge and many other private railroad companies.
Province: BRABANT
Date: 1 July 1912
Quality: F
Startprice: € 50