Result list 31 October 2020

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Lotnumber: 355
Action de F500. black. No 4613. Fine border and underprint of the company's iron and steel plant, also dwarves mining, and 3 topless ladies; design by Montalan. The company was formed in 1853 (under French and Belgian law) by a number of industrialists working in the Maubeuge area. Among the assets brought in were the blast-furnaces of Hourpes-sur-Sambre and the smelters and rolling-mills of Bois-le-Tilleul. The creation of the company was inspired by the renewed railway-construction enthusiasm of the early 1850s; the principal product was to be rails for the new lines. The directors had good connections with several railway companies working in the France-Belgium border area. In spite of these advantages, the company was never a success. It made no profits after 1855/6, and in 1863 production had ceased. Liquidation followed in 1866.
Province: LIEGE
Date: 1 February 1854
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 50