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Lotnumber: 250
PARIS. Action de F500. green. # 5500. No 1426. Formed Paris 1904, with a concession to trade in a large area west of the Sangha river (a major tributary of the Congo), in the French Congo colony, reaching to the ill-defined border of German Cameroun. It was never an important business. It never established plantations, as other similar companies did, but just had a number of trading-stations, where it bought rubber and ivory from the local inhabitants, in exchange for cloth, metal goods, glass and, in particular, guns and powder. This last caused major problems. The freedom with which the company distributed guns and powder led to the development of armed gangs which respected neither the French administration nor the German one in next-door Cameroun. This and other factors led to a small border war between the French and Germans. Some of the properties of N'goko Sangha were destroyed and in time the company just ceased to trade and exist. However, it left a very decorative certificate, with a border (part art nouveau/Jugendstil), showing Africans collecting rubber, delivering elephant tusks, village and river scenes.
Date: 4 May 1904
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 200