Result list 4 April 2020

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Lotnumber: 484
HAINAUT. CHARLEROI/BRUXELLES. 1. Action de Priorité de F500, 1906, specimen. 2. Action de Capital de F250, 1913. 3. Same, 1921. 4. Same, specimen. 5. Obligation de F500, specimen, 1924. 6. Action de Capital de F250, 1929. 7. Part Sociale, 1948. 8. Same, printer proof. 9. 5,25% Obligation de Fr.1000, 1959. 10. Part Sociale, printer proof, 1961. 11. Same, issued. 12. 8,5% Obligation de F1000, 1970. 13. Acec - Union Minière, Titre de 1/10e d'action, 1989. A most impressive collection of A.C.E.C. scripophily with many unique certificates. A.C.E.C. is the successor company of the S.A. Electricité et Hydrolique founded by J. Dulait. Empain bought the firm in 1904 and renamed it in the above. This became a leading Belgian industrial company, specialising in all sorts of electrical products. Expansion into France soon followed (in Jeumont: Ateliers de constructions électriqus du Nord et de l'Est, later becoming part of Jeumont Schneider). After WWII, ACEC expanded into electronics and the nuclear industry. The company was acquired by Westinghouse in 1970. Some bits of the firm were merged into Union MInière in 1989, forming ACEC Union Minière.
Date: Various dates
Quality: F-EF
Startprice: € 300