Result list 4 April 2020

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Lotnumber: 482
OOST-VLAANDEREN. BRUXELLES. 1. Part Sociale de F500, 1928. 2. Same, 1929. 3. Action de Dividende, Série A, 1935. 4. Action de Capital de F500, 1937. 5. Same, 1943. 6. 4% Obligation de F1000, 1943. 7. 4% Obligation de F1000, 1945. 8. 5,5% Obligation de 1000 Florins P.-B., specimen,1930. 9. Action de Capital de F1000, specimen, 1948. 10. 4% Obligation de F1000, 1957. 11. Obligation convertible et subordonnée de F3600, unissued, 1973. UCB was founded in 1928 through the amaligation of 4 companies: the Soc. des Fours à Coke Semet-Solvay et Piette, the Soc. Gén. Belge de Produits Chimiques, the Soc. des Produits Chimiques et Pharmaceutiques Meurice and the Soc. des Produits Chimiques de Droogenbosch. Although chaired by Emmmanuel Janssen, three Empain family members are onthe board as well : Edouard Empain of course, but also his brother François and Edouard's eldest son Jean Empain. Today UCB is one of Belgium' most important industrial companies. As a multinational pharmaceutical company, it has an annual revenue of more than 4 billion EUR and employes some 7500 people. An impressive collection with 6 certificates facs. signed by François Empain.
Date: Various dates
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 300