How to participate in this auction

How to bid in the auction ?

1. live attendance : No special formalities, our staff will welcome and guide you. Address: Hilton Brussels Grand Place  Hotel, Carrefour de l'Europe 3, 1000 Brussels.

2. Live internet bidding : we work with the Invaluable auction platform. Press the red botton on the left menu. Do not forget to register at least 48h before the auction. Contact us if you need any help. The auction starts on Friday 28 October 18h30 and continues on Saturday 29 October and will end around 18h30 (Central European Time). Note that bidders using the Invalauble platform will be charged a 3% extra fee to (partly) compensate for the fee Invaluable charges us.

3. bidding in advance : (e)mail or fax the enclosed bid form as soon as possible, or submit your absentee bids through – “absentee bidding” (you must first register). Note that we must receive your bids at the latest on Friday 28 October 11 am CET. Bids should be made in EUR. Bidders can be asked for references or a deposit before the auction.

4. Phone bidding during the auction: contact us at least 48h. in advance to make practical arrangements (an extra fee may be charged).

5. The prices in the catalogue are minimum start prices below which no bids will be accepted.

6. Bid steps : if your bid is €300 and the next highest bid is €200, the hammer price will be €220. (see below for overview of the bid steps).

7. Sales commission is 17% (private EU residents pay 21% VAT on the sales commission, resulting in a total sales commission of 20.57%).

Lot previewing (before the auction date)

By appointment, at the address of Centrum voor Scriptophilie BVBA:
Kouter 126, B-9800 Deinze, Belgium
tel. 0032.(0)9.386.90.91
fax 0032.(0)9.386.97.66

Lot viewing during the auction

All lots can be looked at during the auction. They are also projected on a big screen in the auction room.

About the Live Auction

The auctioneer speaks Dutch, English, French and German. The bidding prices can be followed in real-time on a big screen.

Event Location

Hilton Brussels Grand Place Hotel. Contact us if you want more information or guidance.
Bidding Steps (euro)

€10 to €50 : +€5

€50 to €200 : +€10

€200 to €500 : +€20
€500 to €1000 : +€50
€1000 to €2000 : +€100
€2000 to €5000 : +€200
€5000 to €10.000 : +€500
€10.000 to €20.000 : +€1000
Above €20.000 : +€2000
Condition Ratings

UNC = Uncirculated (as new)
EF = Extremely Fine (in almost perfect condition)
VF = Very Fine (definite signs of use, for instance slight edge damage, modest staining)
F = Fine (considerable signs of use such as small pieces of paper missing, tired condition)
VG = Very Good (serious damage such as badly torn or large pieces of paper missing)
G = Good (in truly terrible condition, we normally don’t offer such pieces)

How to pay?

The title of ownership only changes hands after full payment (even if delivery took place before). We must receive full payment within 30 days after the auction date. After that period, a monthly surcharge of 2% will be applied. We accept payments in EUR, GBP and USD. You can pay with bank transfer, cash (only up to €3000), PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or AmEx. For payments with PayPal or credit card, we charge a supplementary fee of 3%. Shipment costs will be charged to the buyer.

How to receive the result list of this auction and our next auction catalogue?

The result list will be on the Monday following our auction. If you wish a paper copy of the result list, we ask you a €5/$8 contribution.
If you wish to subscribe to our next auction catalogue, we ask for a contribution of €10/$15 in the printing & mailing costs.
For EU-residents, the easiest way is to do a cost free bank transfer to our account at BNP Paribas Fortis: BIC: GEBABEBB, IBAN:BE55 0011 4587 5144. As a non-EU resident you can send us your credit card information, pay through PayPal ( If you subscribe to our next catalogue, you will automatically receive the result list of that auction.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions !

Mario Boone, C.V.S., Kouter 126, B-9800 Deinze, Belgium, tel 0032-(0)9.386.90.91, fax ++32-(0)9.386.97.66,

Copyright :

Any person wishing to use descriptions, or any other information, from our catalogue (printed or online) must obtain prior permission in writing from Centrum voor Scriptophilie BVBA