Result list 6 April 2019

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Lotnumber: 304
HAINAUT. CHARLEROI. 1. Action de Dividende, 1935, green. (20 issued) 2. Action de Capital de F500, 1935, blue. (40 issued) 3. Action de Capital de F500, 1936, red (300 issued). 4. Action de Dividende, 1936, green (150 issued). The first car radios were manufactured in the USA in the 1920s. They also started selling in Europe from 1932 onwards. This company, founded 1935, was the first in Belgium to manufacture car radios. Yet, its success must have been rather limited: they went into liquidation in 1937.
Province: HAINAUT
Date: 1935-1936
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 80