Result list 9 November 2019

The results of our November 9 sale is now online. Unsold items can be obtained in our aftersale until December 8 (first come, first served). .

Lotnumber: 200
LISBOA. Titulo de Fundador. green, black. No 13. Large format, with central fold. Small edge-split. The company was formed in Lisbon in 1900 to exploit the agriculture potential of the Moribane region, in the north of Mozambique, on the border with Zimbabwe. Shows a local man with a spear, and a palm-tree. The Moribane region is now mostly a forest reserve, thinly populated and with very limited agriculture. What exists is mostly in the southern, more moist, part of the region, where bananas are cultivated, and this was doubtless the activity of the company. Only piece known to us, from an old collection.
Date: 23 May 1900
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 400