Result list 9 November 2019

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Lotnumber: 120
ROTTERDAM. Aandeel Fl.150. brown, buff. No 12278. One repaired tear. Cancellation holes. The Afrikaansche Handels-Vennootschap was originally founded in 1868 (and re-incorporated in 1880 as the "Nieuwe...") to trade with Congo (thus before the Belgians had arrived!). The founder was Lodewijk Pincoffs,an important Rotterdam businessman (linked to the Rotterdamsche Bank/ABN-Amro, the Nederlands-Amerikaaansche Stoomvaart Mij/Holland-Amerikalijn and the Rotterdamsche Handelsvereeniging). He succeeded in raising money for his company from the famous banker Mees and even from Prince Hendrik, brother of the Dutch King. The first years were very profitable and a dividend of 10% was distributed almost annually. When in 1877 the Dutch division of the AIA (=Association Internationale Africaine) was created, Pincoffs and Prince Hendrik were amongst its members. The Afrikaansche Handels-Vereeniging would give free (!) transport from and to Congo. In return the company would get from King Leopold II a monopoly on the trade and commercial shipping onthe Congo River. The King did not stick to this promise so the company came into difficulties. Moreover, Pincoffs had been cheating with the books of the company. As a result of all this, the company went bankrupt and Pincoffs fled to New York. The deficit of the company was huge for those days: 9,5 million guilders. It even almost drove R. Mees& Zoonen into bankruptcy. An important early piece of Congo's history.
Date: September 1880
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 100