Result list 9 November 2019

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Lotnumber: 8
WESTERN AUSTRALIA. COOLGARDIE/LONDON. Shares of 10s. blue. No 2962. Heavy central fold. Printed by Waterlow. In 1894 a party of unsuccessful prospectors camped on their way to Coolgardie, and one man scraped his heel in the ground. He saw gold. The spot was very rich, and the party dug out all they could. They applied for a lease, and the new deposit became public knowledge, leading to a local gold rush. No one could see any gold, but it was claimed that a lot of gold was in the bank for safe keeping. A London entrepreneur, Lord Fingall, who was in the area, bought the claim for £100.000, and sealed up the hole. This company was floated in London and Paris late in 1894. After the successful stock-exchange launch, earning £700.000 from investors, the hole was unsealed, and- no gold! All had been taken out, and thehole was worthless! The company continued to look for gold, but found none, and was liquidated in 1899. View of a mining-camp in the bush, and two coats-of-arms. One of the coats-of-arms includes a skeleton- perhaps an investor in the company.
Date: 15 August 1899
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 100