Result list 6 April 2019

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Lotnumber: 368
BRUSSEL. Titel van 20 Maatschappelijke aandelen. red. No 10641-60. 'De Standaard' is probably the most respected newspaper of Belgium. The company was formed 1914 by, among others, Frans van Cauwelaert, a prominent pro-Flemish politician. Because of WWI the newspaper did not start publication until 1918. It has alwaysmaintained a catholic and pro-Flemish stand, supporting the C.V.P. party. The company was bankrupt by 1976, but was saved by André Leysen, who took control, and it is today the biggest high-quality newspaper in the Flemish part of Belgium, with sales ofsome 100.000 copies per day.
Province: BRABANT
Date: +1944
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 30