Result list 6 April 2019

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Lotnumber: 260
HAINAUT. FRAMERIES. Obligation de F13.000. black. No 2. Small hole in upper left corner. Formed 1837 to amalgamate two companies, Agrappe and Grisoeuil, of which the first was founded in 1807. After financial troubles following independence in 1831, the two were merged. They were among the richest mines in the country. The Société Générale acquired the company in 1846 but sold it the same year to the Compagnie des Charbonnages Belges, led by the Rothschilds. One of the best Belgian coal mining pieces. This piece is transferred on the back to the Soc. Générale and is personally signed by the Governor, Ferdinand de Meeûs (1798-1861). He will always be remembered as the man who made the Société Générale the first important bank on the European continent to invest in the modernization of the economy, taking important stakes in many mines, railroad and industrial companies. The Soc. Générale was doubtless the most important company Belgium ever had. de Meeûs - nicknamed the Belgian Rothschild - was since Belgian independence (1830) until his death 31 years later the numero uno of the Soc. Générale. It is very rare to find a signature of him.
Province: HAINAUT
de MEEÛS, Ferdinand
Date: 15 February 1845
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 200