Result list 6 April 2019

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Lotnumber: 225
TRIEST. 4% Prioritäts-Schuldverschr.Obbligazione Fl.1000. Serie 86. blue, black. No 12. Bond with text in Italian and German. The company was founded as "Österreichischer Lloyd" (or "Austrian Lloyd") in 1836 and became one of the world's biggest shipping companies by managing most oversea trade and passenger travel of Austria-Hungary until1918. The Austrian Lloyd was running regular services from Trieste to the Near East, India, China and the Far East, Brazil, the USA and Northern Europe. It also was one of the first to use steam ships. The company's name was changed to "Lloyd Triestino" in 1919, when Trieste became a part of Italy. Pretty piece with a vignette of one of the company's steamers.
Date: 24 August 1895
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 150