Result list 6 April 2019

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Lotnumber: 218
WIEN. Actie über 200 Gulden O.W. yellow, green, black. No. 25586. Perforation holes and three repaired tears. This enterprise still exists, today as a printing company transformed into an Austrian media corporation with competences in distribution and publishing. The early history of Leykam is closely connected to the development of the printing industry in Styria; historical roots can be traced back to 1585. The company name derives from Andreas Leykam who, in the 18th century, owned a book-printing company in the center of Graz which, in the course of the years,became bigger and bigger. In 1883, printing and publishing were united under a new company name - the printing company "Druckerei- und Verlags-Actiengesellschaft Leykam" was founded in 1888 in Vienna. In 1930 the company bought the publishing company Alpina Verlag which, today, has an important position within the Leykam AG. There is now separation of several business fields (printing, newspaper publishing, book publishing, bookshops, Alpina). In the 1990s, LeykamDruck positioned itself as one of the leading web offset printers in Austria and finally became, in the course of the restructuring of the printing activities in July 2003, a part of the Let's Print Holding AG, 45,6 % of which are owned by the Leykam Medien AG. The very decorative certificate lists the various towns in eastern and southern Austria, Slovenia and Croatia where the Leykam company had printing-works (but also in Vienna). Also shows portraits of Gutenberg and Senefelder, as inventors of modern printing, with Mercuryand Fortuna, in an attractive border. Printed by the company itself in Graz.
Date: 1 January 1888
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 500