Result list 6 April 2019

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Lotnumber: 211
WIEN. Actie über 100 Gulden Ö.W. brown. No 9555. Central fold. Edge-splits at the bottom and one at the top. A small line of tape on the back to attach the second sheet. The "Österreichisch-Alpine Montangesellschaft" (ÖAMG) was founded in 1881 with an initial capital of 30 million guilders. Its headquarters were in Vienna, in the buildings of the Länderbank. The company goal was to concentrate industrial works and coal mines under the same central management. Central areas of the ÖAMG were principally the industrial areas around the "Steirischen Erzberg" with blast furnaces and steel factories in Donawitz, blast furnaces in Eisenerz (Steiermarkt) and Hieflau. The second industrial area comprised Kärnten. Finally in Schwechatand Krems it operated "Hüttenbetriebe" and coal mines in Fohnsdorf, Seegraben and Köflach and ore mines in Eisenerz, Radmer and Hüttenberg. 1912 was a productive record year with 4 new coal mines, 2 ore-mines and 6 blast furnaces. Its first managing director was a very well-known and wealthy steel tycoon, Karl Wittgenstein (until 1897). His son, Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) would become even more famous as philosopher, specialised in logic. In the interwar years the Alpine Montan was considered as the industrial showpiece but also heavily under strong political influence. After the "Anschluss" Alpine Montan became part of "Reichswerke Hermann Göring". Also after 1945 the influence of the state was great and the company belonged to the Austrian Industrial Holding. In order to face internationalcompetition and several crises, it further merged with VOEST (Vereinigte Österreichische Eisen- und Stahlwerke AG). After some unfortunate acquisitions, the company was forced to further restructurings and recovered from 1987 onwards. Today the Vöstalpine Concern is again a strong modernised company, well-known for its longest railroad rails with above-average lifetime. Extremely decorative piece with mining and smelting vignettes as well as factories. Text in German and French. A most important piece of Austrian industrial history. This founders' share has always been extremely rare and wanted.
Date: 19 July 1881
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 500