Result list 14 April 2018

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Lotnumber: 321
PARIS. Action de F700. black. No 402. Repaired top border. Fine engraved vignette shows the world's first iron steamboat, the Aaron Manby. It was built by and named after the English civil engineer Aaron Manby (1776-1850) at the Horseley Ironworks, Staffordshire. The ship, 32m in length and 120 bm, was propelled by two side wheels (3,7 m diameter). The ship made the voyage to Paris in 1822 under Captain (later Admiral) Charles Napier, who had conceived the idea of a fleet of steamships for service on the River Seine. This was the first direct steam crossing from London to Paris and the first seagoing voyage by an iron ship anywhere. In the following years, the ship was used for further Channel voyages and pleasure trips on the Seine. In 1827, Napier, in financial difficulties, sold the ship to the SA des Bateaux à vapeur en fer sur la Seine. This company, of which we offer here a share, operated the ship on the Loire until she was broken up in 1855. The use of iron plates for the hull, in place of wood, was widely copied in shipbuilding during the following decades. A truly important share, and a great rarity.
Date: 1 November 1828
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 500