Result list 14 April 2018

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Lotnumber: 304
Unissued shares. black. What we offer here is quite remarkable: 2 (no longer attached) pieces of paper (numbered pages 5-7) on which are printed (on front and back) unissued models of new shares in the French Compagnie des Indes for which old shares were to be exchanged. This in accordance with the Decree of 9 July 1792. The first 1,5 page show a new share to beexchanged for a full share in the old Compagnie des Indes and his semestrial coupons from 1792 to 1801. This is followed by a share model in exchange for 16/25 of an old share (also with coupons 1792-1801). Finally, a model of 1/8 old share is printed. Note that the bottom part of the papers are missing and thus with incomplete texts. Also large water staining and some other condition issues (see picture). To the best of our knowledge, these 1792 shares were never issued (the last issued shares were dated 1787). In those revolutionary days, the opposite happened: during the "Terreur" regime of Robespierre, the Compagnie des Indes was suspected of activitiesagainst Revolutionaries, and the Convention decrees of July 26, 1793 ordered the sealing of its buildings and soon also the requisitioningof goods and ships, for an estimated total worth of 28,5 million Livres. The legal fights against the French State in search for compensation for the confiscations went on until 1875. The share models we offer here thus mark the end of the Compagnie des Indes.
Themes: BEFORE 1800
Date: 1792
Quality: F
Startprice: € 1400