Result list 14 April 2018

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Lotnumber: 218
LIEGE. Action de F1000. black. #500. No 439. Large format. Central fold with repaired edge-splits. Remains of glue and paper on the back - the share was surely framed before it came to us. Founded 1827, thus under Dutch rule, by Edouard Vanderheyden à Hauzur (1799-1863). He was a Belgian senator and director of several companies in the Liège area. The company we see here is of a steam-powered grain mill. Its capital amounted to 500.000 frs. thus only 500 shares were issued. The share is issued to nobody less than John Cockerill. Cockerill (1790-1870) was born in Lancashire, England but at the age of 12, he was brought by his father William to Belgium where he initially continued the family tradition of building wool processing machinery. In 1814 John and his brother Charles bought the former palace of the Prince Bishops of Liege at Seraing. The chateau became the plant headquarters and the ground behind it the factory site. It was to become a vertically integrated iron foundry and machine manufacturingfactory. King William I of theNetherlands (and Belgium until 1830) was a strong supporter of Cockerill, as the King ran a policy of strong industrialisation. By 1835, John Cockerill was the sole owner of the works. In those days, it already produced a wide variety of machinery, a famous example being the first Belgian steam locomotive, 'Le Belge' (1835). John Cockerill also had interests in collieries and mines, as well as factories producing cloth, linen, paper, etc. - the share we offer is an evidence of his wide business interests. He died in 1840 and will always be remembered as the founder of the Belgian manufacturing industry. His company lived on for many years until it was merged with Usinor in 1998. While a lot of scripophily is known of the Cockerill business empire, it all dates from after John's death. The share we offer here is the only scripophily directly relating to, and even better, issued to - the legendary John Cockerill. Only two pieces known to us.
Province: LIEGE
COKERILL, John (issued to)
Date: 1839
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 800