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Lotnumber: 183
CAIRE. Titre de 5 Actions de E£4. brown, buff. No 13486. With the completion in 1902 of the Aswan Dam, and its subsequent heightening in 1909, several hundred thousand feddans (a feddan is just over an acre, or 0.42Ha) were brought under cultivation for the first time. The abundance of water during the dry season allowed for perennial irrigation so that a second crop was planted each year. These important developments led to a doubling of land value, the allocation of the new acreage to sugar cane and the burgeoning of sugar factories all over Upper Egypt. Sugar production would become the single largest industrial employer and sugar cane cultivation the nation's second largest cash crop. This company was formed 1904 in Cairo by Sir Ernest Cassel, of London, who had invested heavily in the building of the Aswan dam. His associates were Egyptian, in particular from the wealthy Jewish community. The company owned several thousand feddans of land around Kom Ombo, a Nile-side village north of Aswan, renowned for its Pharaonic temple. Most ofthe land was sugar-cane plantations, with the necessary factories/refineries, and was a heavy producer of sugar for many years. Two very fine vignettes of the temple.
Date: 15 September 1905
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 50