Result list 1 April 2017

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Lotnumber: 1326
DELAWARE. 100 Common Shares. brown, black. No 24689. Built cars from 1905-30, at St.Louis. Like so many American car manufacturers, Moon started life making buggies; buggies were to the American industry what bicycles were to Europe. The first Moon cars were designed by Louis P. Mooers. The Model A of 1906 was a conventional, expensive 30/35hp 4-cylinder. In 1912, 5.2- and 5.8-litre fours were sold. A six was introduced in 1913, and three years later the four had vanished, in favour of 3.6- and 5-litre Continental-powered cars. The 1919 Moon was agood-looking, well-made, though assembled, machine powered by a 3.6-litre engine by Continental. The radiator was by now a copy of that of the Rolls-Royce, showing the class of market at which the Moon was aimed. Two years later there arrived the Diana (named after the moon goddess) which had a sv straight-8 engine of 4 liters, and imitated the radiator shape of the luxurious Minerva from Belgium; the 1927 2.8-litre Moon Six also appeared with this radiator. The first Moon to use an 8-cylinder engine was the Aerotype of 1928, a 4.4-litre machine. A new six, the 6-72, accompanied it and was continued into 1929. That year brought one of the best-looking of the company's products, the Prince of Windsor, named after the Prince of Wales. The specification was a 4.4-litre straight-8 engine. Unfortunately, this attempt to produce a European-type high-quality car ended after Moon acquired control of New Era Motors Inc. The new venture promptly collapsed, killing two famous names, Moon and Kissel. Vignette of a topless goddess, with the company marque. Uncancelled.
Date: 17 July 1930
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 100