Result list 1 April 2017

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Lotnumber: 1205
PARIS. Action de F1000. black on pink paper. No 23. Folds, with some white discoloration. Large format. Mexico's French Connection started in the early 1800s when French men and women began fleeing the Dijon and Champlitte areas in search of work when the wine-making industry there started to fail, afteryears of frost and disease. After a countryman, Stéphane Guenot, from Burgundy, bought land at Jicaltepec, in the state of Vera Cruz, in 1832, and founded this company in Dijon, with local capital. He told everyone how wonderful the area was, and hundreds of Frenchmen flocked to what was then remote Mexico. He dreamed of establishing a self-sufficient agricultural community. The problem was, that he was lying. The truth was that work was scarce but mosquitoes were plentiful, disease was rife, and the tropic vegetation was ferocious. Unfortunately, once the Frenchmen arrived they didn't have the money to return to France. The ones that didn't die of disease or homesickness stuck it out and slowly created lives for themselves, melding Frenchtraditions with Mexican culture. The descendants are still there today, and keep many French traditions. A very decorative share, with a border of oak-leaves, with the arms of Mexico, ship, beehive, agricultural scenes and tools. Hand-signed by Guenot.Only two pieces were discovered in 2011. Rarity 11.
Date: 17 April 1833
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 500