Result list 1 April 2017

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Lotnumber: 1202
NEW YORK. 1 Share. black, buff. The Astor syndicate secured from the Honduras Government concessions for building a trans-isthmus railway across the Republic of Honduras from Puerto Cortez, on the Atlantic, to Amapala, on the Pacific. It means a line 200 miles long connecting ocean with ocean. The Honduras syndicate was allowed to issue and float bonds to the amount of about $20,000 in gold to every mile of road. With New Orleans for the port of shipping the scheme was for the Illinois Central to transport the produce from the great Mississippi Valleyfor the Central American trade in conjunction with the United Fruit Company. Later the contract was sold to British investors, and led to a series of later loans contracted in London and Paris. Only about 50 miles of the line was ever built, and it became obvious that the Honduras government had been swindled. The accumulated unpaid interest on these loans gave Honduras debts of many millions of pounds - one of the highest debts per capita in the world. Large vignette of a bay on a Honduras coast(and terminal of the line), with a ship. Major tears have been professionally restored, and the whole certificate stuck on to light paper to strengthen it. Discolouration over much of the share. Since many years only 2 other pieces are known to us. According to our database, the oldest scripophily from Honduras ever reported. Rarity 10.
Date: 14 August 1854
Quality: VG-F
Startprice: € 700