Result list 1 April 2017

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Lotnumber: 1127
AMAZONAS. Apolice da divida provincial. Serie B. black, buff. No 04. Vignettes of Emperor Pedro II and of a female figure in the Amazon forest. The Brazilian public debt was created in 1827, and financed by bonds, often issued by the provinces. These bonds steadily lost credibility with investors, on account of the quantities issued, the long terms, the lack of backing, and this at a time of steady inflation. In time the state and provinces had to resort to forcible subscription to their issue. 1864 brought energetic measures to resolve the problem, and the bondsstarted to become more acceptable to the investing public. Some foxing, and in several places the ink has corroded through the paper. Nevertheless, the bonds of Amazonas are very rarely seen on our market.
Date: 24 May 1876
Quality: G
Startprice: € 100