Result list 1 April 2017

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Lotnumber: 1043
CATALUNYA. BARCELONA. Accion Pts500. Serie 1. grey, brown, purple. #500. No 448. Always one of the most popular of all shares, and seldom offered as the first issue, of 1904. The company started in Barcelona, when a Swiss engineer, Marc Birkigt, produced a fine 20hp model. By 1907 a range of large, beautifully-built, 4-cylinder models was on offer by 1907, and even King Alfonso XIII had bought one. 1911 saw production extended to France. The French market was large and rich, compared to the Spanish, and the company tended to transfer production of its expensive prestige models from Barcelona to Paris. Barcelona produced a range of above-average cars, but noticeably more modest than in France, and used primarily as taxis. During the First World War the company found production of aircraft engines to be profitable, and the engines were very well regarded. 1919 brought a brief venture into the manufacture of aircraft themselves; a new factory at Guadalajara built a prototype single-seat fighter, named the Hispano Barron. However, in 1919 the world was full of surplus fighter aircraft, of proven design, and at give-away prices, and Hispano-Suiza did not pursue the venture. To revert to cars, 1931 saw a new V-12 model - the biggest, most complex and most expensive design yet. Production in Paris ended in 1938, but continued in Barcelona. After WWII, it focused again on aviation parts. Today part of the SAFRAN Group. The share, which features the Italian actress Teresa Mariani, was designed by Ramon Casa i Carbo. He was a commercial artist, illustrator, designer, painter, and graphic designer. Only 500 of these 1st series shares were ever issued. Rarity 8.
Date: 14 June 1904
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 500