Result list 1 April 2017

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Lotnumber: 969
MOSCOW. Share of 2000 Rbls. green, black. No 85. In excellent condition. Company founded 1883 and we offer here a nominative part. Dividends paid until 1915/16. Various transfer notes on the back, until 1917. Factory located in the town of Mendeleyevsk in the north-east of the Republic of Tatarstan, on the right bank of the Kama River. In the 1840s, guild merchant K.Ya. Ushkov bought the local land. Ushkov discovered that potassium bichromate (an expensive dye) that was important into Russia from England, was actually produced in England from the raw materials found in the Ural. Ushkov's idea was to set up his own bichromate production. He constructed a plant in the village of Kokshan and in 1850, the first batch of potassium bichromate was produced and soon cornered the market. Ushkov started building a second chemical factory near his native village of Bondyuga, two kilometers away from the Kama. The proximity of the waterway and cheap local labor were the main factors of his success. In 1868, the first production line of sulfuric acid wascommissioned, soon followed by papermaker's alum, potassium alum and other ingredients for soaps, paints and other products. It was at this point that the area became the chemistry capital of the Volga region. Ushkov employed the German Karl Bayer to invent a new way to produce alum and set up the first production of chlorine in Russia. In 1889, Ushkov's factories began making hydrochloric acid and synthetic sulfates. During a 30-year period, Ushkov worked, very successfully, with the brilliant chemist Dmitri I. Mendeleyev, after whom is named the periodic table of elements (which he created). The research Mendeleyev did at Ushkov's chemical plant included for instance the production of smokeless gunpowder. In 1967, the local town of Bondyugawas renamed Mendeleyevsk in honour of his name. Still today a very large chemical complex. The Ushkov estate with museum is now a major tourist attraction. Rarity 10.
Date: 1883
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 1000