Result list 1 April 2017

The results of our April sale will be available here on April 2.

Lotnumber: 777
LOOSDRECHT. Obligatie. black. No 157. Folds. A 'waterbrief' is a type of bond received by peat cutters in return for the money they paid to the local authorities for the right to remove the peat from the soil (peat was during centuries an important fuel). The peat cutter did get an annual interest on the amount he had paid, but was often not reimbursed (a sort of perpetual bond if you wish). That's why the waterbrief we offer, has interest payment notes from 1768 up to 1959 and a cancellation stamp dated a recent as 1983. This particular waterbrief was for 300 guilders, for some land in Loosdrecht, and was issued by the noble sir Zacharias Henric Alewayn. He ruled Mijnden and the communes Loosdrecht and Stabroek. Rare and interesting financial document.
Date: 1767
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 150