Result list 1 April 2017

The results of our April sale will be available here on April 2.

Lotnumber: 649
NIEDERSACHSEN. WOLFSBURG. 1. Sammel-Aktie über 1000 Aktien zu je 100 DM, 1964, green. 2. 2000 Vorzugsaktien zu je 50 DM, 1986, blue. 3. 2000 Aktien zu je 50 DM, 1991, blue. The 1991 share shows a very large VW 'beetle' and the familiar logo. The others show the company premises.The early development of Volkswagen is closely linked to Ferdinand Porsche. As an established auto engineer, he was directed by the Nazi government in 1934 to develop a small car. He produced the basic 'beetle' design still so familiar today. The name Volkswagen dates from 1937, and the Wolfsburg plant was opened in 1938. The VW was produced in quantity for the military during WWII. After the War the name expanded to build commercial vehicles, but private cars remained the core of the company, so that the 5.000.000th VW appeared as early as 1961. And the rest, as they say, is history.
Date: 1964-1991
Quality: UNC
Startprice: € 60