Result list 1 April 2017

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Lotnumber: 519
LONDON. 5 Ordinary Shares of £1. brown, buff. No 690. Heavy central fold, pin-holes, small piece of paper missing from upper left border (not into the printed part of the share). Trimmed bottom. Large format piece, with a vignette of Darracq car. Text in English and French. Although the company was formedunder British law, it built cars only at Suresnes, near Paris, as did its French predecessor, Société A.Darracq. Alexandre Darracq built cycles and unsuccessful small cars, of other people's designs, in the 1890s, but the first real Darracq came in 1900. It had a 785cc single-cylinder engine. Darracq took up racing in 1902 with a 5.9 litre, 4-cyclinder model; his driver was Henri Farman, later to become a top French aircraft-builder. Racing results were mixed, and after 1908 the sport was given up by Darracq until 1921. Meanwhile, utility cars prospered. A range of small and medium models were good, and modestly-priced. The company was reorganised in London in 1905, and this certificate dates from this time. Towards 1910 the mixture of modelswas less successful, and profits fell to almost nothing. Darracq retired, and Rover, of English, became influential in the company. In 1920 the British firms of Sunbeam and Talbot, which had amalgamated in 1919, merged with Darracq, which ceased to exist as a distinct name. The company still used the Darracq name on various models, but the Suresnes works was really produced Talbot cars, marketed as Darracqs in Britain and the British Empire. The name was no longer used after World War II.
Date: 30 April 1906
Quality: F
Startprice: € 50