Result list 1 April 2017

The results of our April sale will be available here on April 2.

Lotnumber: 316
WIEN. Aktie über 200 Kr. blue, black. No 60402. Founded 1862 in Vienna as the Mechanische Werkstätte & Telegraphenbauanstalt B. Egger. Renamed as Erste österreichische Fabrik für elektrische Beleuchtung & Kraftübertragung B. Egger & Co. After Vienna, production facilities were also established in Budapest. The company made telecommunication equipment, electric light bulbs and other electricity products. In 1910, the Swiss Brown, Boveri & Cie. (BBC) took control over the firm and renamed it in the Österreichische Brown-Boveri-Werke AG. By 1913, itemployed 600 people. After WWI, the Austrian company further expanded into Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland and Czechoslovakia as well as in Austria itself (Linz, Graz, Innsbruck). Due to 1988 the merger of mother company Brown, Boveri & Cie. with Allmänna Svenska AB (General Swedish Electric Company), it became part of the joint ABB Group (Asea Brown Boveri). ABB is today one of the largest engineering companies in the world. First time in our auctions.
Date: 25 October 1920
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 100