Result list 1 April 2017

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Lotnumber: 255
ALEXANDRIE/LE CAIRE. Bill of Exchange of E.P. of 154,300. black on blue paper. No 544. Folds. A Bill of Exchange, being a short-term loan by the Alexandria bankers, H. Oppenheim, Neveu & Co. and Ed. Dervieu & Cie, to the Egyptian Government. The loan, for 154.300 piasters was granted on 1 January 1864, for repayment on 1 September, 1865.No mention of the reason for the loan. However, many foreign loans were being taken at this time by the Government of Ismail Pasha, often at exorbitant rates of interest and discounts, later leading to an Egyptian state close to national bankruptcy. Primary text in Arabic, translated into French and English. Signed by the Egyptian Ministry of finance, Ahmed-Rechid-Pacha, and by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cherif Pasha. Handwritten notes on the back indicate repayment and are signed by HermannOppenheim, Neveu & Co., bankers in Alexandria. Henry Oppenheim, brother of the London-based Simon Oppenheim, took care of the family interests in Constantinople and Alexandria. His bank, Oppenheim, Neveu & Co. was the leading financer in Egypt, in particular for railroad construction. Very high face value.
Date: 18 February 1864
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 100